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    The rapid development of science and technology, more and more black technology products appear in the people's side, meeting room liquid crystal splicing screen with its powerful function and the appearance of the high-end atmosphere to be used more and more enterprises, but many companies buy the LCD splicing screen after there is always some problems in use process, this may be due to in use process did not avoid some pitfalls that lead to the splicing screen manufacturers MaiJun technology today with everybody together discuss LCD splicing screen in the purchase should pay attention to in the course of a few misconceptions



    The brightness of LCD splice screen is as high as possible

    The brightness of liquid crystal splice screen is decided according to actual use environment, do not blindly pursue high brightness, indoor general use 500cd/m ^ 2 line, have sunshine indoor, can consider to use 700cd/m ^ 2, because the brightness is higher, the cost is higher.




    LCD splice screen without color difference

    55-inch LCD splicing screen in use for a period of time will appear color attenuation, that is, color difference, affect the use effect. So, the understanding of a lot of people is liquid crystal splicing screen is more high-end, won't appear chromatic aberration. In fact, the color attenuation of LCD splicing screen will also occur after using for a period of time, and this attenuation is irreversible. However, its attenuation does not often occur. Generally, the manufacturer of LCD splicing screen will use technical means to adjust the color aberration before leaving the factory, so that the color aberration of a set of splicing screen can be basically consistent.




    The LCD splice screen can work continuously

    Related research shows that the liquid crystal splicing screen working 96 hours continuously at full capacity, will accelerate the aging, serious when even will burn out, therefore, liquid crystal splicing screen for a long time work is very easy to make some pixels to overheat, once more than the limit, can cause permanent damage, therefore, the user when using liquid crystal splicing screen for a long time, it is better to let the intermittent rest for a while, if conditions don't allow, can try at different time intervals to change the screen display content, so that the screen a slight adjustment when wait for working status.

    We always believe that, after correctly understanding the mistake of LCD splicing screen, whether in the purchase or in the use, I believe that you will bring a little harvest!

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